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A New Breath in E-Commerce; 3D ProBox

A New Breath in E-Commerce; 3D ProBox

✔️ Take photos of your products.
✔️ Upload the photos through the 3D ProBox mobile app or website.
✔️ Let your products be 3D models in 3D ProBox.
✔️ Use the resulting 3D models on your e-commerce website.

3D model in e-commerce

With %100 reality and 3D scanning technology, 3D ProBox allows its users to display their  own 3D models on their own website.

A 3D Model in e-commerce platforms

Be a pioneer in innovation in e-commerce. 

Do not be a spectator to the 3D transformation in e-commerce. Become one of the winners  of the changing.

📱 Use extraordinary and remarkable marketing strategies with 3D ProBox.

3D Clothes in E-commerce

The use of photos and videos, which is customary in classical e-commerce sites is being replaced by the use of 3D models. The sellers which aims to be the pioneers in this transformation in the e-commerce sector, have the opportunity to make their own 3D models of their products within a few minutes with the 3D ProBox and then display them on their own websites.

💻 Do not let your customers miss the details, let them get lost in the details.

3D ProBox provides 100% reality to its users and clearly reveals all the details of the products.  When customers look closely at the products, the resolution does not decrease and the image is not distorted.

Knit Blankets 3D Models

🌐 Help your customers make better decisions while reviewing your products. Stay away from your return costs.

Thanks to the 3D models of the products, your customers make more accurate decisions by making more detailed examinations. In this way, your product return costs are minimized.

3D Figurine

📎 The costs of professional photo shoots for products are gone.

3D ProBox; is a platform that creates high quality 3D models at  low costs by using photographs of the objects.

Have images of products from every angle while using 3D models with 3D ProBox. Take photos of your products from the angle and distance you want by using the "take screenshot" button located just below the 3D models, and use them in your e-commerce site in .png format.

Adidas Shoe

Enjoy being different. Offer your customers unique designs with a new generation e-commerce approach.

Display your 3D models produced with 3D ProBox on your e-commerce site using the "embed code".

Shoes 3D

In the products listed using the "Embed code", all data is processed on the servers of 3D ProBox and no overload is placed on the websites using 3D models. There is no slowdown on the websites of the stores. Click here to learn how to use 3D models on websites.

📱 Display a 3D model of your products on your social media accounts. The variety of content will increase your interaction.

3D Models On Social Media

3D ProBox, which is in use in both Google Play and IOS markets with its mobile application, also serves its users through its website.

Click here to witness the 3D transformation in e-commerce and see the 3D models of the products.