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Equipments required for 3D modeling with photogrammetry technique

Equipments required for 3D modeling with photogrammetry technique

In fact, not much equipment is needed to produce 3D models using the photogrammetry technique. With the right applications, a device that will only take photos will work for the users. In addition, the process of creating a 3D model can be facilitated and perfected by applying several different techniques according to the purposes and areas of use of the people.

If the environment and the object to be modeled receive perfect light while users are taking pictures of their objects, the probability of the model to be in good quality is quite high. You can make perfect 3D scans and get 3D models by taking advantage of the photo shooting techniques we mentioned in our blog post; How should I take photos for 3D Scanning with 3D ProBox?”. In the remainder of this blog content, we will provide information and guides about the equipments to be used to benefit from certain techniques.

If you are going to take pictures with a camera or mobile phone, the images around the object to be photographed are very important. Users who aim to make the 3D model look successful and its surroundings are masked should take photos in which the surrounding of the object to be scanned will appear without detail. In this way, the 3D ProBox software will detect the object independently of the images around it and show the object "just like in space". As we have just mentioned, you can find details on this topic in this article; “How should I take photos for 3D Scanning with 3D ProBox?” for photography techniques.  Now, let's list the equipment needed to get the perfect 3D model:

1-A device for taking pictures. (Phone, camera, drone)

Photogrammetry is the technique of obtaining a 3D model after photographing using overlay. For this reason, users need a device to take photos in scanning using photogrammetry technique.


In order for the pixels of the object to be scanned in 3D to be displayed clearly, sufficient light must be provided in the environment. The most practical way to achieve this is the use of "Softbox". When users shoot by placing 2 or 4 softboxes around the object to be scanned in 3D, they will be able to provide the perfect light.

*Warning: When adjusting the light settings, be careful not to shine the object from too much light. Glowing objects cannot be detected in the photogrammetry technique and cannot be 3D modeled.

Softbox, Godox Softbox

3- Tripod

The use of tripods is one of the most important equipment for our users in order to adjust the height of the softboxes and to enable them to stand. By using a tripod, the softboxes can be fixed exactly at the desired points and the light can be applied to the object from the desired angle.


Turntables, which are used in order not to turn around the object to be scanned in 3D, are almost perfect for the photogrammetry technique. In environments where sufficient light is provided, users can place the objects to be scanned on the turntable and take pictures from a single point on different axes. In this way, the need to turn around the object is completely eliminated.

3D Scanning, Photogrammetry

5-Fishing Lines

Users who do not want to use a turntable can hang the objects by using fishing lines and take pictures by walking around the object. If users can clearly photograph every part of the object, they can produce perfect 3D photogrammetry models.

*Warning: The object to be scanned in 3D should not move while using the photogrammetry technique. This detail is not very important when the background is in a position that is not detailed and not visible in the photos, but in cases where these conditions are not met, users should be very careful about fixing the objects.

6-A Single color, undetailed background curtain

Users who want to destroy the images around the 3D model while scanning in 3D, can use a background screen in their modeling until the "crop" function is added to our software. Using a turntable and a background screen, you can produce the object you want to 3D model as if it were in space. It is very important that the background curtain to be used is one color and without details.

3D models can be produced perfectly without using any of these equipments on this list. 3D scans in daylight can also provide really good results, but it is recommended to use these objects if it is aimed to obtain perfect results in any environment. This link contains the collection of equipment we have created for our users:

You can easily create an equipment set for yourself by browsing the products here. Enjoy the ProBox!