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How to copy or reproduce objects by using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technologies

How to copy or reproduce objects by using 3D Scanning and 3D Printing technologies

3D Printing and 3D Scanning

3D scanning and 3D printing technologies continue to evolve and expand their business areas. However, by using 3D ProBox, people can obtain and use 3D scans more practically than before.

3D Printing

These 3D scanning models, which are much more successful than a few years ago and can be obtained with much higher resolutions and sensitivity, become a new physical object by being printed by 3D printers. In other words, if you want to have an object physically, it is enough to have a 3D model of that object and print this 3D model from the printer. What will be the raw material of the object to be printed is up to your 3D printer and you!

Copy the object you want with 3D ProBox.

3D Scanning and 3D Printing

We decided to share this blog post so that our users can benefit from these technologies, which are actively used by many industries. 3D ProBox users are a little more privileged than everyone else in these matters.

Let's think of an object out there that we like very much or that will come in handy for us, there are several ways we can have the same object. As one of them, we can give an example of asking the owner of that object how he got that object. In this way, we can learn from where that object was taken or how it was produced. But we cannot learn how to own things that no one else has. Because there is no person or institution to which those objects belong. At this point, 3D ProBox users begin to be privileged.

3D Printing Polymer

3D ProBox users can practically scan objects with mobile phones, cameras and drones, obtain 3D models of the scanned objects and use these models in various file formats. In simpler terms, 3D ProBox users have the opportunity to copy and obtain any object they can scan. These objects scanned by users can be reproduced through their own 3D printers, or they can be created by an external printing service by sending them to the people/institutions providing 3D printer services. At this point, 3D ProBox brings its users together with one of its solution-oriented partners, “3deudora”. 3D models scanned with 3D ProBox are now sent to 3deudora, these 3D models are printed by 3deudora and sent back to the users home address. Users can use the products they obtain in this way for their needs, whether commercially, arbitrarily or necessarily. In this time of age, creating something new has become quite simple. Instead of buying the same product you like to the people you care about, take action to produce a copy of your product by scanning the product and sending the scanned model to 3deudora!

To scan your products successfully; you can read our article "How should I take photos for 3D Scan with 3D ProBox " and get perfect scans. You can download your model files obtained with 3D ProBox in “.glb,.obj,.gltf” formats, convert these files to “.stl” format via converters on the internet and use them in 3D printers.

Creative 3D Printing

Our users who have their own 3D printers, can make money on digital sales platforms by printing the 3D models they produce with a 3D printer. Show your 3D models to users on platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, etc., get some orders and enjoy making money from the internet.

Enjoy being a 3D ProBox user!