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Use of 3D Models on Websites

Use of 3D Models on Websites

You can use 3D models created with 3DProBox in all sectors where virtual images can be displayed and used, such as e-commerce, games, metaverse, animation, cinema, 3D printer, NFT industries. You can learn about the use of 3D Models on websites in the continuation of our blog post.

 In the e-commerce industry, 3D ProBox provides users to list their products to be exhibited as 3D models. The products which are modeled in 3D can be rotating 360 degrees around its own axes in high resolution. Users can show their products in 3D instead of photos and videos.The 3D models which are created on 3D ProBox are supported by every website which are adaptive to HTML codes. 

#1 - Create and publish your 3D model via the 3DProBox mobile app or website. Click to learn how to create models.

#2 - Click on the share button at the bottom right of the 3D model which was created.

#3 - Click the share button to go to the share window. In the whitelist field, enter the website where you want to use your model. Then click the save button just to the right of this space.

#4 - After clicking the Save button, the website you entered will shift to a lower line and the copy code button will appear at the bottom of the window. Copy your embed code with the copy code button.

#5 - Paste this code into the HTML code sections of your website. You can now use your 3D model on your own website

By using these embed codes, we can say that while 3D models are displayed on your website, all data is being used from the 3DProBox’s servers. So it does not force or slow down the websites used.

You can find examples of the use of 3D Models in e-commerce sites and marketing strategies with 3D Models in our "A New Breath in E-commerce; 3D ProBox" blog post.