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A speed enthusiast produced with a 3D printer: Divergent Blade

A speed enthusiast produced with a 3D printer: Divergent Blade

Divergent Manufacturing, a US-based company, produced a car that amazes those who see it. Here it is; "Blade". A car designed by Kevin Czinger, whose chassis and undercarriage were completely produced by a 3D printer. 💫

Divergent Blade

“Blade” provides a "high speed experience" to its users with its 700 horsepower engine power that can reach 0-100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds. Laser technology was used to produce thin layers of aluminum powder in the printer in the 3D printing stage of Blade. The reason for this use is to produce the Blade as light as possible and present it to the users. The weight of this beast is only 635 kilograms. In the image below, we see a Blade in the garage of famous comedian Jay Leno, whose outer layer has not been placed yet.

Jay Leno with Blade

Futuristic design. 👨🏻‍💻

Blade drivers and passengers can only sit front to back in this two-seater vehicle as if they were on a private jet plane. While in the Blade, which is smaller in size compared to standard production vehicles, when the accelerator pedal is pressed, the driver and passenger stick to the seat just like in private planes just because of the engine power. The reason why the airplane attribution is used so often is that the interior of the Blade almost reminds a cockpit of an airplane.

Blade Interior

Light as a feather. 🦩

Blade, which is at least 60% lighter than the 700+ horsepower vehicles whose engine power is close to it, has already received a passing grade from the automotive industry authorities.

Divergent Manufacturing, which has an effective share in this transformation in the automotive industries, expresses by uncertain sources that it does not want to put this vehicle into mass production for now. It is stated that the reason for this is that not everyone has enough financial power to buy this car. Reducing the production costs of Blade, which is more costly than other vehicles produced with 3D printers, may be the only wish of those waiting for it. At the point where production with 3D printers has become, manufacturers in the automotive sector can now produce spare parts without wasting time, with low costs and without any design limitations. Many automotive industry companies originating from Germany, China and the USA are trying to produce a car from start to finish with 3D printers and continue to develop the produced vehicles. 

3D modeling and 3D printer transformation.

As we mentioned in our blog post about the areas where 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies make life easier, giant companies such as Honda and Audi, who do not want to be a spectator to these innovations, have already started to use 3D printers for spare parts, vehicle headlights, remote controls and creative actions. 

As we follow the companies that are the pioneers of these change and transformation, our excitement for the future increases every single day. Although we think that the sectors where 3D technologies direct daily and business life will increase, we highly recommend our users to follow us and our content on our website and social media accounts in order to keep up with the transformation. 👀

To go Divergent's official website click here.