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Metaverse and 3D ProBox

Metaverse and 3D ProBox

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse, or virtual universe, is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet that supports persistent online 3D virtual environments through traditional personal computers as well as virtual and augmented reality devices. Metaverse enables human cognition to be included in an artificial physical environment through computers, android devices and 3D devices. It is possible to define Metaverse as a cyber-social platform where different advanced technologies are used simultaneously and integratedly, offering a new reality, a world of meaning and cooperation opportunities, providing infrastructure and interaction opportunities for cultural, intellectual and economic production.

Ready Player One Metaverse

🧱 The term “metaverse” was first used by Neal Stephenson on page 22 of her science fiction novel Snow Crash(1992). Metaverse in English is the abbreviation of meta “beyond” and verse (universe) as “other/other universe”. Which means the Metaverse is a world beyond the real world or universe. Virtual property, avatars and services can be used, bought and sold on Metaverse. This is usually happens by using tokens, cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). Metaverse, which emerges as the social media of the future, is defined as a set of 3D virtual worlds where users can interact, socialize and livelihood.

What are the application industries/areas of Metaverse? Can anyone use it? What are the advantages and disadvantages it adds to humanity?

We can use activities such as games, concerts, exhibitions and meetings as examples of Metaverse application areas, but if we consider the time when Metaverse will be successfully integrated into our lives, we can say that 99% of the activities that can be done in the physical (real) world, will become possible to be done in Metaverse. It is possible to experience all kinds of activities in the Metaverse that do not need to interact with the human body. 

Metaverse with VR

🖥️ Anyone who can use a computer and phone can access the mentioned universe. Even now, Metaverse projects, which are not yet developed enough, can be accessed and participated through computers and phones.

As the advantages that Metaverse will add to humanity, we can count people's being able to go wherever and whenever they want without spending any physical effort, meet with people they want in virtual environment, and participate in activities such as concerts and exhibitions from a distance in a realistic way. Being aware that these examples will not be enough for defining Metaverse as a magical universe, we can say that the acceleration of physical processes and virtual reality will be at the highest level, and the only difference from the physical world will be a few vital activities.

As for the disadvantages of the Metaverse, we can explain the possibility of people being disconnected from the physical (real) world. Physical effects such as inactivity that may occur as a result of the human body remaining stable and weight gain as a result may be experienced. 

We can say that these physical effects may cause health problems in the long run, but this situation is not much different from computer or phone addiction. As long as individuals take care of their own health, the metaverse will not have a physical disadvantage to humans. 🎮
On the other hand, the fact that people act with anonymous identities like on the internet may cause problems such as personal trust and loyalty, but since we see that this can be experienced through social media as now, it is very difficult to say that the "Metaverse" project has a direct disadvantage to people. We can say that there may be situations such as people creating their own utopias in Metaverse projects and users like these utopian universes more than the real world which they live in. In response to such situations, we can say that after a long time, governments and economies will be greatly affected in this area and they will have to be kept up according to the “new” and digital age.

Virtual Art Museum in Metaverse

3D ProBox makes a great contribution to the digital world. What kind of conveniences does 3D ProBox provide to metaverse users?

🕹 With 3D ProBox, it is possible to transfer any object in the physical (real) world to the "Meta" universe. For content creators, universe creators, anyone who designs in the virtual universe, 3D ProBox is extremely accessible and simple to use. 3D ProBox users can use the object they want in “Metaverse” projects or any virtual universe within 15 minutes by simply taking photos and uploading these photos to the system. 3D ProBox users can create their own Metaverse scenes as long as they want.

3D Archeologic Model

Create virtual museums with 3D ProBox and go for a ride with VR glasses.

3D ProBox users can create a virtual environment for themselves by scanning the objects in 3D which they want to use and using their 3D Models in game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, or similar editors. In this created virtual environment, 3D ProBox users can walk around, hold and throw the objects and teleport with VR glasses.

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Afrodisias Virtual Museum